Almost a New Year, Time For a New Wardrobe (Of Sorts): What I Have My Eye On In the Boxing Day Sales

‘Tis the season of sales! Black Friday and Cyber Monday have only just passed, and now it is time to turn our attention to the Boxing Day Sales.


It is late December and I find myself sitting here and making excuses for my online absence yet again. I really don’t know what else to tell you aside from ‘I was super busy with work travel, freelance writing and catching up on emails’.

Excuse me.

The last few months of the year seem to have filled up with travel and work real quick, and here we are staring down the barrel of 2019. Where in the heck did that year go?! I swear it was Christmas 2017 just yesterday!

I love this time of year more than words can explain. The weather is at it’s finest, I have every excuse to switch off and spend time with family, and nobody will judge you for popping a bottle of champagne at breakfast. It is Christmas; it is the most wonderful time of the year!

I have already made it to my Christmas destination, the presents are under the tree and the food prep is well underway. In true Mon style, I have also started planning out my 2019 too. My travel plan is coming along nicely, as are my plans for this here space (big things are a-coming!). And, of course, my plans for attacking the Boxing Day sales have already been made. Can you blame a girl?

After taking stock of my wardrobe and belongings, a few things became clear. I know what I have a lot of, I know what I need more of, and I know what I have a lot of but definitely need more of! Come December 26th, these are the things I will be looking out for in the sales:

Resort Wear

Rhode Resort Nala dress | Zimmermann Juniper dress | MDS Stripes skirt | Camilla dress | Mara Hoffman Linny dress

My most worn garments (and most loved) all fall into this category – ‘resort wear’. I just love everything about resort wear. I love the colour, the volume, the proportions and most of all the weather in which you wear it. The latest addition to my wardrobe is this gorgeous Binny set; and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be packing it into my suitcase the next trip I embark on!

Seeing as my 2019 travel plan includes a fair few ‘resort wear’ friendly destinations, my eye is firmly fixed on gorgeous, colourful pieces this boxing day. I am so excited to add more ‘wow’ pieces to my wardrobe.

Medium Sized Bags

Furla Pin tote | Parisa Wang Addicted bag | Trademark Harriet Bag | Loeffler Randall Roz bag | Yuzefi Delila bag

My whirlwind trip to America at the start of December really highlighted the severe lack of decent sized bags in my wardrobe. When you are wandering around in -2 degrees as a tourist, there are a lot of extras to carry; and when you carry a small shoulder bag, there are not many places to store them. I can’t even begin to explain how annoying it was trying to carry around a beanie, gloves, my camera, the spare lens, an extra layer of warmth, pens, a notebook and a drink bottle when I didn’t have a decent sized bag to put it all in!

This Boxing Day I am going to fix that problem. A good sized shoulder bag is high on my priority list; the most important features of which being ‘interest’ and ‘quirk’. I think my lack of larger bags purely comes down to not having found one fun and interesting enough to really make me want to buy it. Shopbop have that previously elusive category of bag covered for me.

Clip On Earrings

3.1 Phillip Lim earrings | Oscar de la Renta earrings | Oscar de la Renta earrings| Oscar de la Renta earrings | Dinosaur Designs earrings

It isn’t often you come across stores that have a good selection of high quality clip on earrings. Pierced ears are always well catered for, but us clip-on wearers often find we are left behind. Needless to say, building up the collection can be quite hard. I keep my eye out for new earrings where ever I go, so come the Boxing Day sales, I will be buying up big!

** In collaboration with ShopBop. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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