‘January’ – The Monthly Round Up

‘The catch up’ series has a new look and feel in 2019. Introducing, the monthly round-up.

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In 2019, my ‘catch up’ posts are going to look a little bit different. Instead of throwing in such a post every time I realise I have been somewhat absent around here, I aim to make these round up posts a regular occurrence through out the year. Well, it will happen no less than 12 times a year. I am making this promise here so now I can’t retract on it.

Previously, these sort of posts always came around out of guilt. They were a way to explain my radio-silence and list out all the excuses I had come up with. Fair (in my eyes), but also not what I want these posts to be about. I want them to be an insight in to my life, month-by-month, as well as a space to honestly share the things that have really rocked my jocks.

As far as I can see, this change will be good. I am well aware that it isn’t that big of a change, but a small change is better than none… right? And I like this change. I like feeling like there is a little more structure, and a little more uniformity to what I put out on this here space. While I do have a fairly good structure to what I do, I know there is always room for improvement. Enter: a regular category of post called the ’round up’.

So – without further ado – I welcome you to my first monthly round up. This here is a regular post detailing the good things from the month, along with some of the bad.; and there will be a substantial list of some of my loves and loathes from the previous 30-odd days too.

The good

I got to go to my first Hopman Cup

Up until early this January, I had never had the privilege of seeing a live tennis game. Now I can proudly say I have seen 3 live tennis matches, 2 of which Ash Barty dominated in. I can also confidently say that they will not be the last time I attend a tennis game – what brilliant displays of athleticism and skill.

I have had the pleasure of spending more time with family

Some of this ‘good’ is attached to a bad, but you should always look for a positive in a negative. The other portion of this ‘good’ was purely because we sought out each other’s company.

As much as we rolled our eyes at him for leaving the gate open ‘yet again’, it was so lovely to have my brother stay with us for a month. Between family issues and work, he was over from Canberra for longer than he has been back in the last 3 years. I actually kind of miss him now that he is gone.

Before he left, we rallied the cousins together on one 41 degree afternoon to eat, drink and kick the football around in Hyde Park. Then just a few days later, I took one of my cousins to an Aperol dinner before her first ever Fringe show (and subsequently gave her a peek into part of my work life). I forget how much I love the company of my cousins.

I have started cooking more

This sounds super lame, I know. But when you work for yourself and are then faced with the prospect of cooking meals for just one person, you can get incredibly lazy in the cooking department. There are just so many other things you can do with your time instead of trying to impress yourself with some whizz-bang meal.

Late last year, I really started to find my groove in the kitchen again. I forgot how much I actually enjoyed cooking. Since the reminder, I have actively been searching for new, easy recipes (and pulling out the old, dearly loved recipes) to cook each week. Now I use the time I spend in the kitchen as my brain break, or wind down after a long day at the screen. Why did I ever forget about this side of cooking?!

The Not-So-Good

My gym routine has completely fizzled

I hate admitting this, but it is the truth: my fitness level has dropped dramatically.

I would say that I am angry at myself, but I think that is a little bit unfair. We have had a really rough start to the year, and for the last few months of 2018, I was home for a maximum of only 2 consecutive weeks. Anyone can understand how hard it is to try and maintain some sort of routine when you are so all over the place!

In good news (derived from the bad), I have started going for little runs each day to try and do something while I am not in the gym. I am very much a ‘class’ kind of girl, so getting any exercise in outside of that makes me rather proud. Mark my words, I will be back in the gym soon!

My creative mojo took a bit of a dive

At the end of 2018 I was buzzing. I felt amazing about the USA trip I had just been on and confidence was at a high.

Then throughout January my confidence and creativity took a dive. My mind was on other things and my time was spread very thin. It is incredibly hard to focus on creative work when your mind is so clouded by other things that are going on.

We STILL haven’t found a housemate

What a bloody saga this housemate thing has been. In late October last year, my housemate and I had to boot our third incredibly selfish and childish housemate for non-payment of rent. I could go into the whole debacle, but that would need an entire blog post for itself.

Fast forward to today and we are still looking for a third housemate. We are in a renters market right now, so between that and us being rather ruthless in the interview process (we don’t want to be burnt like we were with the last housemate), it has been near impossible to find someone to fill the room.

We have finally gotten further with one applicant than any of the others, so we are hoping this is a good sign!


~ Chardonnay. This isn’t a new revelation, but I am finding myself drinking a lot of it lately. My all-time favourite is the Vasse Felix Heytesbury, and I really want to try Elise and Dominic Cook’s brand new Down The Rabbit Hole ‘Joy and Bliss’ chardonnay

~ Hot, hot days. Most people find 41 degree heat unbearable, but I bloody love it. I am at my best in the blistering, dry heat

~ My Lonely Planet book collection. I just got the latest release – Wellness Escapes – and I have been pouring through the pages ever since it arrived. If I am not travelling, I love reading about it.


~ Bike shorts as farshun. I don’t give a toot how comfortable they are or how good the Kardashian clan look in them (highly debatable whether they actually look good in them), bike shorts are not hot. Wear them whilst exercising, doing the housework or in a throwback to 80’s pregnancies, but not in the name of farshun.

~ Impatient drivers. With all the road trips I have been doing lately, the number of impatient drivers on the road is becoming ever apparent. I have seen some shocking close calls recently and they have left me shaking. It is scary to think that just because someone doesn’t want to have to touch their brakes, someone could have their life taken away.

~ This Marie Kondo obsession. Guys… you didn’t need a Netflix show to help you streamline your life. OK, so I don’t loathe what she is saying, I just loathe the sheep mentality. You can do this without a Netflix show, I promise!

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