‘February’ – The Monthly Round Up

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Seriously, where did February even go? Somehow it is time for my monthly round up again!

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February has come and gone so fast that it almost feels as if it didn’t happen at all. It is crazy how quickly a month flies by when it has 2-3 less days in it! It is even crazier to me that we all somehow manage to fit 30-31 days of work and activities into just a tiny 28. Well, at least I know I tried to and it definitely felt like I did!

In summary: this short little February we had was a damn good month for me. In fact, I am finding it hard to come up with some ‘not so good’ moments of the month right now. How good is that?!

Before I jump into everything that has happened this month, I am already making a change to the way these posts roll out. It is nothing major, but I do think it is a very welcome addition. As of this month, I will be adding a ‘travel’ section to my monthly round up posts. The only reason it is a new section is because I forgot to add it in to my January round up post. Doh!

So here we go, here is how my February went…

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Just like January, February was air travel free. Even without stepping foot on an aeroplane, I still managed to get out of Perth a few times throughout the month.

The first mini-escape was just a day trip out to Rottnest Island with Rottnest Cruises. It was the most perfect day to be on the island and on the water, and a great way to finish off the week.

My second getaway was back to Rottnest, less than 2 weeks after the first trip. This time it was to stay overnight at the brand new Discovery Rottnest site. To save going into too much detail about my Rottnest trips here, I am putting together a bumper Rottnest guide which should be up within the week. Look out for it if you are keen for more information!

Finally, just last week I took off for a whirlwind road trip up north (you may have seen snippets on my Instagram). We stopped in at the Pinnacles, Geraldton (well, my aunt and uncle’s place in Buller), Horrocks, Port Gregory and Kalbarri. It was so good to venture a little further north than our usual stop in Geraldton, and see some of the stunning spots I have wanted to see throughout our Mid West.

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The Good

Work is motoring along

I know this sounds really vague, but there have been too many wins in the last two weeks to put into one title. It has just been a good month in the work stakes and I couldn’t be happier.

Not only have I picked up and submitted pieces for 2 new publications, but my application to join an amazing travel media resource was approved. Like I said, small wins, but the small wins all add up.

I am also starting to get this work-life balance thing right. I mean, I managed to go on a 5 day road trip and still get 2 pieces I had deadlines for that week written and submitted on time. The stress was minimal and I still managed to do and see so much over the course of the week.

I had a visitor here since Feb 19th

There was a reason behind my February road trip up north, and it wasn’t just my desire to get some cool photos for the gram. OK, so it was partly because of that…

I took off on that mid-west road trip to show my favourite Norwegian more of my gorgeous home state. He booked a last minute holiday to Australia to see all his friends right before he had to be in Asia for work, and just like that, I had my mid-week beach buddy back. I can’t say I am not enjoying it…

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I have finally booked my first overseas trip for 2019

To say I am excited for this one is an understatement. In May, I will be heading off to Vietnam to watch my uncle and soon-to-be aunt exchange vows, his and hers wedding bands and probably a few smiles here and there too.

I am looking forward to exploring my aunt’s home city of Ho Chi Mihn, and doing it all with my extended family by my side. We have been wanting to book a family holiday for ages now, and my uncle getting married is the perfect excuse to do so. Bring on the big, crazy, fun adventure!

The Not-So-Good

I had a few freak outs this month

Ah yes, my old friend anxiety. Despite having a really good month in general, I did see my anxiety rear its ugly head a few times.

The first time it came from a place of self doubt. I know what caused it and it was easily remedied when I put my head down, bum up and started seeking out the answer. The second time, the anxiety was far more intrinsic and literally could not be stopped until I was at home in my safe place. I never thought I was that much of a creature of comfort, but obviously when I am feeling incredibly anxious, there is nothing like the comfort of home.

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My car has started struggling to take off

Naturally, the first thing I did when I noticed there was a problem was embark on a road trip to Kalbarri.

I wouldn’t say I am ignoring the problem per sae, I am just prolonging the sting of the mechanics bill. Hopefully it is just a clogged fuel filter and we can all move on with very little fuss and money expended.


~ grapes. ‘Tis the season for them! Grapes are so sweet, crisp and juicy at the moment, and I have been buying a ton of them. No prep, no peeling and no core left over.

~ anything with an interesting print on it. This isn’t a revelation. I have always loved fun printed clothes, shoes and accessories; but I have literally trawled the Island Prints edit on Shopbop and added 3/4 of it to my favourites list. Dying

~ Crossword puzzles. I go through phases with crossword puzzles. When I travel, I can sit there and complete a whole book of crosswords. When I am not travelling, they fall to the wayside a bit. Since mum bought me a crossword book 2 weeks ago, I have been spending some time each day filling out a few of the clues.

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~ That the sun is rising so late now. Say no more (but I will). As if it isn’t hard enough to get up early in the morning, the late rising sun just makes it that much harder!

~ The people who are trying to back up George Pell. No please. Don’t you dare try and justify the despicable actions of someone who abused the power and respect that he held. This whole case was grossly mishandled by the Catholic church and I am so glad to see it all coming to a head.

~ The onset of the cooler months. I know we need rain and some people are hanging for some relief from the 30+ temperatures, but I am not ready to say goodbye yet. It doesn’t even feel like we have had a proper summer this year!

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