‘June’ – The Monthly Round Up

Somehow we have surpassed June, the year’s half way mark. Read on to see what the month just gone was like for me.


Bershka jumper | Vintage leather skirt | Vintage suede boots | Bailey Nelson specs | Zara earrings | Bag from Cambodia

June. Holy moly, what a month. This monthly recap was actually really hard to write as I feel like the whole month went by in a blur. So much happened, but it feels like nothing happened at all.


I started the month off on the tail end of my trip to Singapore. Coming back to Perth to 5 degree mornings was quite the shock! I didn’t have much time to get used to the cold before I was off somewhere even colder. Yes, colder.

Early in June, I headed off on a massive WA road trip with FORM. Over 4 days, we attempted a good part of the Public Silo Trail. It saw us drive from Perth to Northam, down through York and Narrogin. We bunked down for the night at the Premier Mill Hotel in Katanning. I can tell you, the next few mornings were absolutely freezing! We woke up to 3 degrees in Katanning, and it didn’t get much warmer all day as we explored inland towns along the wheat belt.

Day 2 saw us hit up Pingerup, Newdegate, Lake Grace and Dumbleyung. The morning of Day 3 in Lake Grace was the coldest I have been in a good 6 months. It dipped below 0 degrees, and our driver was trying to de-ice our windscreen before we set off. I can’t believe we got that sort of cold in June! It is almost unheard of…

Once on the road, we made it all the way out to the Porongorup Ranges, before settling for the night in Denmark.

The last day was a lot of driving, from Denmark to Albany, Albany to Perth.

The road tripping didn’t stop there…

I think I spent about 14 hours at home. The very next day, I was up and off again by 9.00am. I spent a 4-day weekend indulging in all things truffle down at the Manjimup Truffle Kerfuffle. It was fantastic to get back down that way and rediscover everything the area had to offer; and a fantastic way to wrap up June.

We had our first gym social session

We have a really good crew at the gym. Honestly, 6.00am gym class is a pleasure when you are laughing, joking and chatting your way through your sets. There just isn’t enough time in class to chat as much as we would like to (duh), so it was nice to dedicate some time so we could all catch up outside of the gym. Just this Sunday gone, we traded the barbells for beers, and lycra for denim. It felt good to get out and socialise for a bit too. With all the travelling, I tend to hibernate when I am finally back at home.

I challenged some fears

One of the ones I was most proud of was challenging my fear of heights. Somehow, I managed to climb up to the top of the granite sky walk at Castle Rock, and be ok with it! I wasn’t ok with the 6m ladder we had to climb up to the top, but once I was up there, it was well worth all the panicking and swearing on the way up.

I have cut down on apologising

Drinking wine, using innuendo and apologising; three things I do a lot of. It is the latter that bothers me the most though. I apologise for everything, all the time. It is almost as if I feel like I am constantly owing something to somebody, and I apologise because I don’t meet my own high expectations of myself. Well, I have cut back on doing that. I am finally starting to realise that I am apologising for things that really don’t need an apology. I guess you can say I am starting to back myself just a little bit more?

The family dog had a big boo boo

Nobody quite knows how it happened, or what caused it, but our poor family dog Remo ended up with a giant gash in his side. He currently has a 15cm-long stitched up wound in his side. Good news though – he isn’t letting that stop him, even though is an old timer! He still wants to play and eat all the food, all the time.

Everyone is tightening their belts

Everyone that I work for regularly has announced that they are tightening their budgets. I get it. Everyone is tight on a dollar at the moment. But it obviously sucks when you are trying to fight for a dollar yourself. The positive side of budget cuts is the fire it lights under your bum. It forces you to be proactive (well, slightly reactive and slightly proactive) and make things work.

My room and office are an absolute shambles

I just can’t seem to get on top of my washing, ironing and putting away. As soon as I unpack, I am repacking, so the putting away never really seems to happen.

The volume of stuff I own is actually starting to overwhelm me at the moment. It is just the little things that are getting to me. I have so many magazines, brochures, leaflets and information packs, and I just don’t know what to do with them all. Eventually they will end up on my desk, because I do need them, but that isn’t solving the issue of having ‘too much stuff’. I have so many beauty products, but I still haven’t worked out what I actually want, need and want to donate. All this clutter isn’t helping my anxiety, or the fact that I have been quite all over the place recently.

~ Winter sunshine.

Look, I have made it glaringly obvious how much I dislike winter. If there is one thing about winter that I can twist into a positive, it is winter sunshine. Gosh it is glorious! Blue skies and sunshine do wonders for the soul, even if I am not in a bikini and slathered in sunscreen. When I was shooting these photos, the sun was so warm that even a jumper, skirt and boots was proving to be too much clothing! How’s that for June weather?!

~ All The Dresses.

It is my dream to own a Dolce & Gabbana dress. When I was in Singapore last month, I could have spent hours trawling through the Dolce store in Marina Bay Sands. If only I could dress in head to toe colour, print and resort-style cuts every single day…

Alas, the freelance budget means that dream is a little further off than I would like. Recently, I have been indulging my fantasy with some incessant scrolling through the designer dress hire website, All The Dresses. If I can’t own that dream Dolce just yet, then my next best option is to hire a designer dress. Right? It is just a fraction of the price (between $69.00 and $349.00) and allows me just a glimpse into what it would be like to be a Dolce girl. 

They have catalogued over 4000 dresses for hire, from all different rental companies around Australia. There are tons of those gorgeous, colourful ZimmermannRetrofete and Dolce & Gabbana dresses that we all know and adore. I’ve got my eye on a few pieces for my birthday next month – all colourful and so much fun – which one do you think I should go for? (Click the dresses in the image for links).

~ Aussie Broadband.

We live in Australia, yet it is so darn hard to find decent internet providers. Well, I lie. There are a few good ones, and I have saved you the searching because Aussie Broadband is the bees knees! After connecting to NBN with a provider that dropped out approximately every 10 seconds, we had to find something else. You couldn’t even do your banking without the internet dropping out. I did my research into new providers, and came to the conclusion that Aussie was the most economical of all the reputable providers. They don’t have a sign up fee, and their NBN50 plan (on a month by month basis) is the same price as most others. Oh, and their call centre is based in Melbourne.

I decided to sign up at 7.00am in the morning, and not even a few hours later I was using their service. Why can’t other providers do this?! It was literally the least hassle I have ever had in signing up for anything. So far, very darn impressed!

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