‘July’ – The Monthly Roundup

July – another month come and gone in a flash. Read on for a little snippet of my month.


If I am honest, July wasn’t my best month. Low self confidence really got to me, and the winter blues kicked in hard. I found it hard to be motivated, and struggled with coming to terms with almost being 29. But that doesn’t mean July was entirely devoid of good things…


July has been quiet on the travel front. I almost went the entire month without going anywhere at all, but, a last minute trip to Bunbury and the Ferguson Valley late in the game changed that. It wasn’t anything major – I mean, Bunbury is my hometown after all – but it was so nice to get away for the weekend.

I ended up taking my housemate down for a mini tour of the region, so it forced me to do more than just veg on my parents’ couches. We went boating, out to local bars, and spent a day wine tasting out in the Ferguson Valley too.

Bakkheia Wines has a new member

You know you are an adult when you have an ongoing wine subscription. Now, I can proudly claim the ‘adult’ title (even if I still get kicks out of eating frootloops for breakfast on occasion).

I have known about Bakkheia Wines for around 8 months now. I was first introduced to the drop at a family Christmas dinner back in Bunbury. Bakkheia had me sold. As soon as I got home, I was online and checking out what they had to offer.

Fast forward to the last weekend of July, and I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Bakkheia’s winemaker, Mick, sipping through his entire catalogue. What. A. Morning! The weather turned it on, and the rolling green hills set the scene for an amazing wine tasting.

Mick doesn’t have a cellar door, nor does he retail his wines. So, how do you get your hands on a drop? You have to sign up to be a member of his exclusive club. There are only 400 spots on that list, and now my housemate and I make up a part of those 400.

There are a few spots left on the list, but they fill up fast. Mick and his wines are somewhat legendary around those parts. It is no surprise as to why. I can honestly hold my hand on my heart, and tell you that every one of the dozen or so wines we tried were faultless.

Th rebirth of the bookworm

As I mentioned in my last blog post, one of my goals for my last year in my 20s is to finish 5 books. That goal came off the back of finishing my first book in a very, very long time. I actually can’t even remember the last time I finished a book cover to cover. High school maybe? I hope not, that is embarrassing.

In mid July, I closed the final page of a book on Ivan Milat and the backpacker murders. It was quite gruesome at times, but I just couldn’t put the book down!

Contortion training, here I come!

As luck would have it, following my trainer, Mat, to his own gym has meant reconnecting with another trainer I knew from years ago, Maisie. Back when I was doing aerial yoga, Maisie had just started teaching the beginners classes. Now, a few years on, she is taking bodyweight and mobility classes at my current gym, The Bodyweight Gym. This has been fantastic for me, because Maisie is now an aerial artist, with a love for contortion. Basically everything that I want to be.

I still love doing my classes with Mat, but to have Maisie there to help me get more bendy and strong is going to be super fun. Stay tuned on my Instagram stories to see just how bendy I can get!

Apparently I now have a black thumb

My track record for keeping indoor plants alive had been pretty darn good, until last month. Throughout July, I have seen 4 of my beloved pot plants cark it. I did nothing different in caring for them, so I am consoling myself by assuming that it has to have been the awful cold weather that killed them. I don’t blame my plants, I didn’t want to stick around in the cold either!

Shoulder injuries are resurfacing

Some time last year, I put my shoulder out of joint in my sleep. Of all the things I do in a day, it was sleeping that injured my shoulder.

Since then, it has clicked, clunked and felt like it is catching, when I move it certain ways. It isn’t a pleasant feeling, but it isn’t exactly painful. The last few weeks, that has changed. I am finding that the muscles on the outside of my shoulder joint are really struggling with the amount of stretching and bridging I am doing, something that I know all stems from that damn subluxed shoulder. Back to the rehab exercises it is!

These damn curls!

My baby curls have gone mental. Normally I have some little ringlets at my temples, but recently I have a double layered halo of curls around my face. It is insane! Picture a 2 year old with short ringlet hair – that is what I look like. I just don’t know what to do with them! I can’t put product in my hair to smooth them down, because the product only sets the curls better and makes them more stubborn. If only my whole head of hair was that stubbornly curly, not just around my face.

~ Plopping

I know, it sounds suss. But plopping is just the art of drying one’s hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel. Let me tell you, it does wonders for anyone with anything but straight hair! The t-shirt material draws the moisture from the hair slower, leaving your hair less frizzy – which any curly girl will know is an art.

~ Warm days

I might still need to wear 2 pairs of pants to the gym at 5.30am, but being able to sit in the warm sun and eat my lunch is just glorious. Sometimes, I even get the thrill of taking my jumper off!

~ Art by @sar.ra_

I’ve been wanting to buy some Aboriginal art for a long time now, and Rachael Sarra’s pink, purple and orange hued pieces have me head over heels. I am going to sit on Rachael’s work though, because I want to make sure I get a Wardandi painted piece (the Aboriginal tribe in Bunbury) before I get any other Aboriginal art.

~ Waking up an hour before my alarm.

When your alarm is set for 5.30am, waking up an hour before it is not fun. Darn you waking me up so early, body! It is all well and good to get up at 4.30am, until I come crashing down in the afternoon.

~ The West Australian Newspaper

Two Saturdays ago, a young journalist published a bit of a defamatory piece on myself and a few other Perth bloggers/Instagrammers. It was basically picking apart work that I had done with the City of Perth, and telling readers that their tax money is being wasted on us. Just the week before that article, the newspaper had lifted one of my Instagram posts and used it for their own benefit on the inside cover. All I can see is them being a bitter media outlet, because newer forms of media are threatening their existence, and advertising income. Social media only suits them when they want it to!

~ American law makers’ inability to do something about gun control

How many mass shootings does America need to see before the law makers clamp down on guns? It makes me angrier and angrier every time I hear that another person has opened fire on an innocent group of people. Tight gun laws have proven successful in minimising mass shootings in other countries, yet America somehow feels it is an exception to that formula.  

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