‘August’ – The Monthly Round Up

A look at the month that was August – cameras, frozen raspberries, and all!


Can you believe that we are in the last quarter of the year? August is up, and now it’s Christmas decoration and fruit mince pie time already (according to our major shopping centres, that is).

Just like the rest of the year, my birthday month absolutely flew by, and I am left sitting here, wondering where the heck those few weeks went. Looking back over the month, I forget about all the things I managed to fit in. I keep feeling like not much happened (possibly because I spent most of my time in Perth), but in reality, that isn’t the case!


Aside from a trip back to Bunbury over the father’s day weekend, there was no travel in August. Yet another quite month on that front!


It was my birthday!

I wasn’t too sure how to feel about my birthday this year, mainly because there is nowhere else to go from here but to 30. It was a weird mix of happy (because, yay, birthday), and panic.

Despite the mixed feelings, my birthday was actually a beautiful day. I managed to get to the beach in the morning, and read my book in the sunshine. Yes, sunshine. I am as surprised as the next that my mid-winter birthday saw me sitting comfortably at the beach. All I ever wanted as a kid was to be able to go to the beach for my birthday, and here I am, 20 years on, doing just that. Following the beach, I drank wine in the sun with a friend, then ended up at a whisky bar with another. Just the ticket.

Next year I expect things to go a little differently, on all accounts…

The ball started rolling in all different directions with work

Hustling is the name of the freelance game. Throughout August, I feel like my hustle paid off in more ways than just landing a new piece. I made some fab new connections at a travel writer meet up, and cemented some more consistent work with So Perth. I even managed to snag a new freelance copywriting job too. As much as I sit here and feel like I am never doing enough, things really are chugging along on in their own little way.

I am seeing progress at the gym

One of the good things about staying put for the last few months, is making gym a regular, weekly occurrence. Being away so much over May and June, meant that I was only making it to the gym once or twice, every few weeks. Though I tried, I wasn’t really getting anywhere.

Now, I am getting places. I have a few old skills back (albeit, not as good as where they once were), and I am getting ever closer to the illusive ‘skin the cat’ from a dead hang. And let’s not forget the handstand progress. My biggest achievements have, supposedly, been in my flexibility though. I don’t notice it as much because I have certain goals, but apparently I am getting more and more flexible by the day.

We finally got a good rent inspection report!

When I say a ‘good’ rent inspection report, they have never been bad. There were just a few maintenance things that needed to be actioned, and we have slowly been chipping away at them each inspection. For example, this time, we high pressure hosed the garage, and all the windows outside. It didn’t go unnoticed by our property managers, and they even thanked us for keeping on top of things, and keeping the property in such good nick. Yes, you’re welcome guys. A few nice words go a darn long way!


I had to sell my liver for camera repairs

OK, so not quite… I haven’t yet committed to the camera repairs. To be honest, I am not sure if I will.

Basically, my 24-70mm lens needs to be sent off for repairs from an old injury (my tripod got blown over on a rocky surface in Geraldton). To get it repaired, I was looking at 8 weeks without the lens (thats doable seeing as it is already sitting aside), and I would be $800.00 out of pocket. Camera gear is not cheap in any way, shape, or form.

Some good did come from this bad news though. I have committed to upgrading my 24-70mm f4 to the f2.8! I haven’t got the lens yet, but the plan is in action.


~ Westward Whiskey

I’ll be honest, I was not expecting anything too great from Westward when I was invited to their whiskey lunch, at Varnish, back in August. American whiskey and I don’t have the best relationship. Now, I can safely say, that has changed. Unlike most American whiskies, Westward is a single malt (no corn here!), so I can actually palette it and enjoy it!

~ The Urge:

Imagine browsing zillions of brands to shop, from all different stores, all over the world, all in the same place. Well, you actually can – through The Urge!

Would it surprise you if I said that I get so bored of of browsing the same stores and brands all the time? Thought not. I am pretty fussy with what choosing pieces for my wardrobe (the main criteria is it has to be exciting and different), so being able to scroll through so many different options in the one spot is a God send.

The Urge is like a google search for anything and everything fashion. I have been using it recently to find all sorts of things, from fun swimwear, to cute, summery dresses. Basically, looking for something a little different that I wouldn’t normally see while scrolling the web. The best part? There is a little ‘secret’ button at the top right, that you can hit to open up a browser tab that looks like you are working on a word document. No more awkward moments at work, caught looking at something you shouldn’t be, there!

~ Dog days at the Brisbane:

Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about the best winter’s day down at the pub ever! It was a gorgeous August day, and there were so many good boys and girls to go around and pet! I met my favourite bulldog ever, and a giant Bernese mountain dog that I wanted to take home. More of these days need to happen!


~ Not having a view at home: 

We are out of August, and are now coming into prime sunset season. It always crushes me that I can’t enjoy the sunsets without other apartment buildings in the way. I have already had a few massive bouts of FOMO about it. Oh to live on a hill or by the water!

~ Packets of frozen raspberries:

Purely because there is a permanent raspberry juice smear across the roof of our fridge, thanks to one clumsy-ass housemate (a smear that is constantly being wiped up by myself or the other housemate).

~ My next door neighbours’ dog: 

Ok, so I don’t loathe the dog, I loathe her behaviour when my neighbours leave the house. Ava is the cutest little button, but she barks relentlessly when they leave her alone at home. It isn’t just a 5 minute episode every now and then… it is almost daily, for hours on end! I keep offering to look after her when they leave the house, but so far, they haven’t taken me up on my very self-serving offer.  

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