Houtman Abrolhos: What It’s Like Seeing WA’s Most Beautiful Islands By Air

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Azure. Turquoise. Aquamarine. There were umpteen more oceanic shades dappled around the infamous waters of the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, but I stopped keeping score as the commentary over my headset turned to shipwrecks and planned mutinies.

I’m sat in the passenger seat of a VH-TBU GA-8 Airvan bound for the Pelsaert (or Southern) group of islands next to Jed Young, a pilot with Shine Aviation and our Abrolhos tour guide for the day. “There are officially 18 historical shipwrecks on the Abrolhos. But, the actual number of wrecks is much, much higher,” explained Jed as we banked left over Pelsaert Island to get a closer look at the ruins of the Ben Ledi that ran aground in 1897. “I’ve even had four or five mates who’ve wrecked boats out here,” he said, with an air of caution in his voice.

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