The WA Beach Club Breathing New Life Into Rottnest Island

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Up until 2019, Rottnest Island has remained exactly as West Australians have always known it – a casual, car- and care-free holiday destination with little more than a campsite, a pub, and a small ‘town centre’ dotted amongst the sand dunes.

To be fair, even with the first new development on the island in 30 years – Pinky’s Beach Club and the attached glamping site at Discovery Rottnest Island – not too much has changed. Rottnest is still as car- and care-free as ever; it’s just welcomed a vibing new hangout for island-goers to get to know and love.

‘Vibing’ is a term to be applied to Pinky’s Beach Club loosely. That’s not for its lack of atmosphere, of course. Pinky’s draws a decent crowd, but there’s no Café Del Mar soundtrack or thumping electro beats pumping up the patrons. Instead, the sunshine and sea breeze come with a side of jaunty reggae, setting the pace for the busy but understated beach bar.

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